Victoria Gallery Tour – Deluge Contemporary Art

by Miyoko Caubet

Jeremy Borsos – Immaculate Debris
June 17 to July 16, 2016
Deluge Contemporary Art,
Victoria, BC Canada

Last week, I took the bike and off I went on a gallery tour downtown Victoria.

On my list was Deluge Gallery.  I entered the building, climbed the stairs up to the 2nd floor and was led by some soundscape to the room on the left.  On the longer wall opposite to the entrance were a few long shelves on which were set up objects from the 50’s perhaps.  Old photographs — one thing that has always caught my imagination, especially if they are of people doing things together, family scenes…  I loved this one of 2 lovers.


Soon I noticed that those photographs were each paired with one object.

And just like watching 2 movie shots edited one after the other, my mind was creating a new meaning out of 2 different objects presented side by side on the selves.

If felt like my mind was wandering through the story of an old movie until, one object stopped me.  I remembered seeing it just a minute before on another part of the shelves but paired with a different object.

In fact many objects were doubled in different spots.  Are you still with me?  In a way, I was watching a movie which I was also creating along.  I could go back in time, I could look up, down, to the left or to the right.  I could ignore this element, look this other one in details.  I could quickly scan through or spend a long time with a photograph.

Thanks to Jeremy Borsos for such an interesting and inspiring work.

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