Welcome to Studio H Canada

Studio H Canada is the permanent studio of visual artist Heidi Bergstrom, MA, BFA located on the unceded territories of the Sc’ianew First Nation, in Metchosin, BC Canada. Artists from around the world are invited to come here to experience a one of a kind residency to create new work in a beautiful, serene, collaborative, and creative environment.

Artists working in all media are welcome to participate. 

“What is important to me is that you find a connection to this place as a source of inspiration, for yourself as an artist, whatever that may entail, and that together we make a creative connection. I am interested in creative collaborations and building relationships and networks. Hopefully, we will do some work together, create some exhibitions, and you will create your own new work”. 

Heidi Bergstrom, Artistic Director
View of Mt. Baker and Victoria, BC from the property.

As an artist in residence, you can become part of the CollabArt Network and publish work on this site as well as others.


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