Studio Information

This page provides more information for artists about the studio, which is continually being reconfigured with each artist that comes to work here. The space is designed to be flexible and continually reinvented, depending on the work taking place. Scroll down for the equipment list and additional photos and videos in the space (s).

There are a variety of tools available to artists to borrow. We realize you can’t bring everything you need so there are plenty of things that you can access while here. For visual artists there are good supplies to be had via Opus Art Supplies in downtown Victoria. There are also groups that run life drawing right here in Metchosin and downtown at Xchanges Gallery and Studios. For media artists there are some excellent artist run centres here – MediaNet/Flux Gallery, local photography groups and more. Whatever you need in terms of tools or supports, rentals etc., we can find it. We are also able to receive deliveries here either locally or via courier or Amazon.


Here is a short list of things available here.

6 work tables – 4 foldingGeneral
African marimba (large)Music/Sound
Asus LaptopDigital
bookbinding hand toolsBookbinding
Books on art history, contemporary art magsReference
Brother b/w laser printerDigital
Chairs (folding)General
Chop sawCarpentry
Coffee/tea stationGeneral
Comfy couches and coffee tableGeneral
Cutting matsTools
Drum CarderTextiles
Electric drillCarpentry
Epson Colour printerDigital
Extension cords (heavy duty for running out to the forest0General
External computer monitorDigital
Felting hand toolsTextiles
Glass painting pallettsPainting
Hand Pan drum (excellent)Music/Sound
Hardware, clamps, nails, etc.Carpentry
High Speed WiFi (300 Mbps)Digital
Large screen tvDigital
evels, rulers and squares
Painting easels (2-4)Painting
Paper cutterTools
Portable lights General
Quebec Leclerc Tapestry Loom (dimensions & name)Textiles
Scrap paper for collage, book bindingPaper
Sewing machine (lovely antique Singer with heavy duty head)Textiles
Slide projector (old style)Digital
Some print making tools for lino blockPrintmaking
Staple gunCarpentry
Sundry containers for water, paper towels, drop cloths etc.General
Tripods (2)Digital
Various hand tools (hammers, knives, screw drivers etc.)General
Various raw wool – Icelandic lamb, ewes (additional cost)Textiles
Wireless bluetooth speakersGeneral

Studio Photo Gallery

You can find photos of the studio in the individual blog posts here. We have also included a series of photos below – the studio will probably look different when you arrive, but these photos will give you a sense of how the spaces can be configured/reconfigured.

Textile Artists

Laura Kunciūtė Leclerc Loom demo

October 29, 2023
Studio H Canada International Artist Residency