Under the Influence – Day 3

Day 3 at Dinosaur Park is really about Dean and Sue de-camping and a leisurely walk around the camp. I check out the field station museum (buy some pottery of course and a DP patch) which is wonderfully air conditioned, the outdoor amphitheatre, the river and some nearby hoodoos. I get a quick sketch in and retreat back to the camper, amazed at my new found freedom!

I am already starting to feel what it will be like for the balance of the two weeks here. Can’t wait until tomorrow.

Dean and Sue, the master pranksters taking off on their bikes. No drama but a moment to cherish for me.

Damn Covid. If it weren’t for the pandemic I would have been there through the summer of 2020, following my passion for the first time on an art residency of my own design. Looking back through these images is helping and painful at the same time.

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