Under the Influence – Day 2

the sun is hot and it is your enemy.

The rest of these journals are mostly visual as each day I went out hiking into the hoodoos with my camera, sketch book, and little field notebooks that I made myself.

There are some important things to know when you are going out into the badlands, which are not common sense because I saw lots of people not taking it seriously: the sun is hot and it is your enemy.

Take water with you, wear long sleeves, and get a proper hat. I almost got heat stroke the first couple of days because I had a crappy hat. I ended up buying a mid-range Tilly in the gift shop of the Field House and it saved me lots of pain and was worth the money.

On this day, I lasted a couple of hours before I had to head back.

20170622-Day 2a

The little hand-made field note books came in super handy. The bugs were feasting on me and the sun was merciless. It was an accomplishment to get these little sketches done.

20170622-Day 2b
20170622-Day 2c

There is nothing leisurely about drawing en plein air at Dinosaur Park – its all about what you can get down as fast as possible while you swat off the mosquitos! These landforms are amazing though – I can just drink in the scenes all day.


In the evening I would process and organize the photos from the day and spend a bit of time experimenting with different filters in Photoshop – just to look at the forms in a different way.

PSFilter2 - TraceContour

That’s it for Day 2! If you want to see the previous posts look here.

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