Paige Paton– Artist in Residence

Residency Dates: June 16-24, 2022

Studio H Canada International Artist Residency is excited to welcome Paige Paton, an emerging artist from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Paige has a diverse media background in analogue photography, music and performance, and an undergraduate degree form McMaster University in geography and political science. Paige will pursue her passion for analogue photography, experimenting with film and ocean water “interruptions” during her residency. ⁠

Paige says “this residency seems to be the perfect opportunity to provide a break from my usual obligations and my surroundings while being in a beautiful spot to spur creativity and inspiration. I’m eager to give my corporate work-horse-self a break, and to give full attention to my artistic side, to truly give myself the time and space to reflect, practice patience with myself and my ideas, to experiment and develop new ideas without my usual interruptions“. ⁠

We look forward to seeing more of Paige’s work as she finds inspiration in this place and develops the films later this summer.⁠

Visit Paige’s website:⁠
Follow on Instagram: @paige.paton⁠

You can see the work Paige did during her residency here on Google Photos.

The next artist joining Studio H Canada International Residency is media artist Ameera Godwin from California, USA, June 26-July 9, 2022. Stay Tuned for more information about this artist.

Artists of all media and disciplines are welcome to apply to Studio H Canada International Art Residency – please check out the link here to apply.

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