Under the Influence – Day 5-7

These days are about exploration and absorption. Hiking out with the guides and my guest Kelly is amazing – we are sweating like mad but thrilled and amazed at every turn. The staff are so knowledgeable – they ignite a passion for paleontology in everyone.

Its all about bones, stones, hoodoos, heat and cactus. Doesn’t get much better than this as my old man used to say.

On Day 6 I am dead. Too much sun and exertion I am not used to. I get smart and buy a proper Tilley Hat at the gift shop – it makes the difference between getting sunstroke and collapsing early in the day, and being able to stay out longer, or at all.

On Day 7 I get back to doing some sketching. It isn’t alot but I don’t care – better not to be oppressed by production goals at this point. It will come, I know rationally, but I feel this time is going to be gone too quickly. The key is to keep drawing and not worry about moving away to other locations. I find a wonderful hoodoo I dub ‘the 3 sisters’.

I am half way through my trip.

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