Risk or Reward?

Miyoko Caubet, Goldstream Park shoot, May 30, 2016

That is the question, or at least one of them. 

In today’s society we have become ever more risk averse. Afraid to move, take a trip, or look people in the eye on the street.

Given this social reality, for me to just open my doors to a stranger from France, just because she sent me an email saying she wanted to come to Canada and be an artist in residence at my studio, was risky indeed. The reactions from friends and family were mixed but more leaning toward the skeptical, risk-averse. Even I was a bit shocked by my own first inclination toward doubt. But I had to ask myself, wasn’t it a pretty convoluted plan to come all the way from France just to murder me in my sleep?  was I worthy of such a cunning plan? Moreover, how did she find me from the thousands of artist out there? why was I chosen?  Getting red in the face just thinking about that.

A dawning realization started to take shape.  In fact, this was an opportunity I had been waiting for since I posted a “bucket list” some time ago on my website, studiohproductions.com.  Miyoko Caubet was calling me on it and I needed to respond. And I had better respond with the same kind of courage and chutzpah.

About 3 weeks later I was picking her up at the BC Ferries landing at Schwartz Bay. The rest is being documented now in these journals, so stay tuned.


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