Nina Sandgaard Rasmussen — Artist in Residence

Residency Dates: November 5th to December 3rd, 2023

Studio H Canada is thrilled to welcome Nina Sandgaard Rasmussen (she/her), a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. While at Studio H Canada, Nina will develop a research-based project about hearing loss through illustration and story-telling; Nina’s goal is to create a contemporary visual narrative that empowers and creates dialogue among young individuals with hearing disabilities.

Nina’s project draws inspiration from her own experience of hearing loss caused by a gene mutation. Knowing that her ancestors were struggling with this disability before the invention of hearing aids, Nina wonders: how did they live? How were they treated in their community? What kind of people were they? How did they overcome the barriers they faced?

This multigenerational research explores Nina’s family history as well as the history of other hearing-impaired people in Denmark. Through her research, Nina will connect with historians, institutions and descendants of people with hearing loss, so that they can share knowledge, resources, and their stories.

About the Artist

Nina Sandgaard Rasmussen. Image courtesy of the artist.

Nina is a Copenhagen based multidisciplinary artist and designer who works within the field of illustration, graphic design, and installation. Her work intends to connect people, perspectives, and cultural matters by translating it into a visual language that sparks curiosity and creates dialogue. 

Nina holds a M.A. in Visual Design from the Royal Danish Academy of Design.

You can learn more about Nina’s design practice on her website (in Danish):

You can follow Nina on Instragram at @ninasandgaard and @sandgaardstudio

The next artist joining Studio H Canada International Residency is Theresa Gartland-Jones from the UK, March 1st – 31st, 2024. Stay Tuned for more information about this artist.

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