Samantha Salvat – Artist in Residence

Residency Dates: June 1-30, 2023

Studio H Canada is thrilled to welcome Samantha Salvat (she/her), a visual artist from Mexico City, based in Vancouver Island, BC. While at Studio H Canada, Samantha will develop and work on her artistic goals related to large scale artwork and installation techniques.

About the Artist

Samantha Salvat’s mediums are painting, photography, digital art and land art. Her inquiry about human nature inspires her work, fueled by an embodied approach to contemplative practices and philosophies. Samantha is an accomplished artist, hosting local and international exhibitions in Victoria, Vancouver, multiple locations in Mexico (including Mexico City, Xalapa, and Santiago de Querétaro), Spain, and Italy. Samantha has also completed curatorial studies (art galleries and creative exhibitions) in Madrid, Mexico City, Florence, New York City, and Vancouver. Samantha has also completed the following artist residencies:

  • 2022 Missa international summer residency
  • 2002 Cimelize Castle, Chech Republic
  • 2002 Can Serrat, Cataluña, Spain


“Seeing is one of the most difficult yet gratifying experiences; everything becomes clear when we can see truly. Connecting this clarity with the creative act is when my best work happens.”

My art practice helps me to connect the dots, deepen my understanding and create more empathy with my surroundings. I am drawn to the mystical and the transpersonal as it inspires me to look inside and beyond myself. My work’s themes are sacred geometry, bliss, gratitude, connection, peace, introspection, energy, light, and dissolution.

I believe Art can change us, so; I approach my work as a tool for personal transformation. Using the power of myths and archetypes, symbols manifest from the collective and help us integrate ourselves.

I love teaching workshops on using Art as a tool for transformation.

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