Coming Back to Life – work in progress

Life drawing is an art practice that is foundational for artists, especially in the early training days, at least when I was a student. When I was at the Toronto School of Art back in the early 80’s we had a wide variety of models of all shapes, sizes, and genders.

I started life drawings again, after many years being away from it, over the past summer when I helped Xchanges Gallery and Studios to get their life drawing online because Covid-19 forced a stop all in-person life drawing.

I hadn’t been life drawing for so long, this was a great pleasure and reinvigorated my work in an unexpected way, hence “coming back to life“. Also, the play on words in my mind have to do with being separated from living beings, but through this online medium we could still connect in meaningful ways.

The sketchbook drawings are more detailed using graphite, pencil, conte etc. and then I started re-drawing aspects with watercolour and ink pens -on a much smaller scale (5″x 8″ appx) . I am now re-working these sketches onto 7′ x 5′ canvas. This is just stage one.

I am also quite enjoying documenting these through photography and video as I go along. This is just a 1 minute video created in Rush.

Please let any comments below! thanks!!

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