Art Jammin with my Soul Sisters: altered books, Viking runes, creativity & courage

Photo 2017-02-24, 8 16 57 PM

Friday nights are a great time for art jammin and it doesn’t get much better than hanging out with my dear soul sisters, Connie and Pam – a wonderful couple who I adore for more reasons than can be enumerated here. Let’s just say: Constance Cooke is a challenging contemporary choreographer and body/mind mentor and Pamela Millar is ‘playin’ with video and paint’ (but I say she is full on engaged). I love and respect these incredible women for their passions and insight into life and deep thinking. I always find love, support, and creativity here.

Photo 2017-02-24, 8 18 10 PM
Heidi (left), Pamela (right)

Onto the art jam. Friday, 02-24-2017

I packed a big sack of art supplies and the Viking Runes early in the morning and dashed over to Connie and Pam’s right after work. I was thinking about it all day. The key ingredients were present: thought provoking Viking Rune readings (opens the mind and sets up for the right direction every time), good food, an atmospheric evening and locale, great friends, lots of materials, and the right spirit (yes, a few spirits too and a ride later from my partner).

You can see some previous posts about art jams on this site for reference – the classic Russian cosmic twist and the viking Iceland art jam.

Photo 2017-02-24, 5 07 02 PM
Inguz, Isa, Raido – read right to left. The past, present, future

What I loved so much about this art jam was a) Connie’s courage and creativity as she went head-on to try some art-making that was out of her normal comfort zone of physical movement or responding physically as she is used to as a dancer and choreographer

Photo 2017-02-24, 8 13 11 PM
Connie – working her journal

and b) Pam’s creativity going full-on altering a book with drawings and notes (I have to try it – but I hit a wall when doing anything but highlighting in a book – I need some of Pam’s fearlessness!)

Photo 2017-02-25, 8 39 01 AM (1)
Pamela’s altered book, embellishing with the Rune messages
Photo 2017-02-25, 8 38 47 AM
Pamela’s altered book progress
Photo 2017-02-25, 8 38 39 AM
Pamela’s altered book
Photo 2017-02-24, 8 15 10 PM
Heidi, caught in the act
Photo 2017-02-24, 8 12 59 PM
Pamela workin’ the altered book

Sorry Peter May, your book is forever transformed, but in a good way!!


Photo 2017-02-24, 8 12 52 PM


Can’t wait until our next art jam! Thanks Soul Sisters!



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