The way life surprises us

I had contacted this woman artist from the other side of the world on the west coast of Canada named Heidi Bergtrom.  If you’ve missed it, you can read the genesis of the story here.
I had hit the send button and almost right away, Heidi replied. She seemed very excited, So great to hear from you.  I am really happy that your research has found me […] My idea for a residency at my studio has been a long time dream, maybe you are going to make it a reality.


…I would be making somebody’s dream a reality…!

She saw how both of our works resonated too. She wanted to know more about me. She was willing to support my art project, whatever they were. Collaboration was one of her desires, but your own work must take priority, she wrote. What a lovely lady. I couldn’t believe it.

Right away, we organized a Skype session and for an hour, we told each other our life stories. I asked her, Why are you interested in having an artist in residence?
Oh I just want to share my studio with people who are inspired to create, who enjoy the nature, working in the garden… We live in an incredibly beautiful place.
How long would you be comfortable to have me over for an art residency at your studio and place?
You can stay as long as you want. You can come now or later, you can come then take a break, go do some travelling and then come back. It doesn’t matter!

I am sure you would agree on that any of this conversation is pretty unexpected. Why do we usually expect the opposite or a much less open reaction? You are welcome to share your ideas to this question below this post.

As an adventurer’s soul, I didn’t question this astonishing turn of event, I embraced it.  I was thrilled and inspired by my conversation with Heidi.  I immediately told her of an old dear video project of mine involving Alzheimer’s patients which I thought we could get back to life together. Heidi seemed interested about it and this would be what our next conversations were going to be about before my arrival.

Photo credit: Sofia de la Scala

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