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This is a unique residency that offers a wonderful, large studio space with great outdoors environment and private, high quality accommodations in the main house.

The peace, beauty, and tranquility of this area and the studio is unforgettable.

The studio is approximately 1000 square feet and is a separate building overlooking the organic garden, where we also like to hang out and make a feast of pizzas with organic veggies in our wood-fired oven, and sip wine while admiring the flowers and forest. Bonus – there are no bugs, or relatively few. There is lots of nature though, and it is common for deer, rabbits, California Quail, owls, eagles and vultures to pass through regularly, even a bear occasionally. A walking trail starts at the top of our driveway and connects to other trails – lots of horse riders, hikers and bikers use this trail.

The studio space has large walls and high ceilings. The front area outside the studio is a flat concrete pad for outdoor creating and construction, sanding or other messier activity during good weather.

Art practice can include most media. There is also a large tapestry loom, two sewing machines, and six work tables. Any artists working in textiles are welcome. Water is currently available from an outside tap, but a new sink and wet area will be installed soon. Visual artists, writers, poets, academics and researchers are all welcome to work here. Photographers, media artists, installation and conceptual work, can all be undertaken here. If I do not have something, I can help to find it.

The accommodations in the main house features a private suite with a private bath, small lounge and separate entrance to the outside. The bed is an extremely comfortable queen size. The couch folds out to a comfortable double bed with an extra thick memory foam topper. There is access to a shared laundry, hot tub and infrared sauna – because we know when you are tired after a long day slogging it out in the studio you need a little relaxation!

Please note: there is no cooking in the suite. For longer term residences we can support artists around food and cooking arrangements in the main house.

More details about the studio are available on our website:
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