Studio H Canada International Artists Residencies

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Studio H Canada International Artist Residency is hosted by multimedia visual artist Heidi Bergstrom on the unceded territory of the Sc'ianew First Nations, also known as Metchosin, a stunningly beautiful rural municipality of Victoria, BC, Canada. Artists from around the world and Canada, in all disciplines and media, are invited to engage in collaborative projects or to develop new work on their own in this creative and inspiring setting.

CollabArt Projects I

This page features works in progress from CollabArt Artists.  You will also see blog posts about these works and events as they happen or are planned.

The plans so far for Miyoko Caubet and Heidi Bergstrom is to develop some local studies in nature and a larger installation project on current themes that both artists are interested in. They are conceiving a multimedia/multi discipline installation around the themes of personal disruption, memory, change and adaptation/resilience.

For Miyoko this has to do with her personal experience of working with people with Alzheimer in Maine, USA.

For Heidi it is her personal experience of recovering from a debilitating and permanently disruptive form of vertigo.


The inside of a burned tree at Goldstream Park, Heidi Bergstrom (May 2016). My plan is to return to the park and take paper casts of these interiors and thereby create new interior/exteriors.


A work by video installation artist Miyoko Caubet, Studio H Canada's first Artist in Residence from April -August 2016.

"Foule to Cry". 30’ video loop
Paris exhibit #9 February 2012

February 16th - 24th
At Reflex Gallery (Paris 1 - Louvre-Rivoli)

The camera turns away from political, cultural and popular figures to zoom in on crowds, their volume, power, and strong emotional responses.